Kaabour (Coordination of new italians): “Diversity management is key”

Pubblicato:23-02-2021 14:55
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ROME – Simohamed Kaabour, president of the Coordination of New  Italian Generations (Conngi) outlined the main points in a webinar interview with Dire Agency, entitled ‘Italian and African geopolitical perspectives’.
“Young people with a migratory background can make a significant contribution in giving substance to an international global exchange, including the key point of diversity management. They can take the lead in such roles as company  executives having acquired the necessary competence to deal with new markets and form ad hoc alliances“.
The webinar was organized by Luiss University and is the second meeting of the Series “Diasporas Program” which focuses on discovering and fostering foreign talents as part of the internationalisation of the university and Italian university proposals.
 In the last few years companies have become much more aware of the importance  of “diversity management”, Kaabour pointed out. “They are on the lookout for executives who work well in a team and are able to speak various  languages  and interact with companies  on the other  side of the  world, thanks to their social  and cultural competence. This  matching  is decisive in order to be able to propose  services  that fit in better  with  new  clients and global contexts”.
It is evident from this speech that young people with a migratory background are ideal “bridges” to relaunch industry in Italy, at the heart of “ a Euro- Mediterranean space”, and “above all outside Italy, abroad”.
The Luiss Series, thus, aims to contribute towards “giving substance to an international global concept”. “The university trains people in Italy so that they acquire the right skills to work anywhere” Kaabour said. “This is a phenomenon, that mustn’t  be considered as a brain drain  but  as “synapses” or “coordinators” that move from one point to another across the world. They bring about a transformation  and have an impact  on more than one front, including the society  and community”.   The president of Conngi refers to “global concept” and the fact that “every little bit helps as long as we are careful about the consequences and causes of what is happening elsewhere”.

Kaabour added ” people with foreign  origins have this role, whether they are aware of it or not”, and ” universities must set up training courses that overcome certain stereotypes”. This commitment is linked to tasks in international cooperation for development. “There are universities in Africa and in other countries in the South which give students the opportunity of high quality education,” Kaabour pointed out. The president of Conngi concluded: “Universities like the Luiss can widen their cultural horizons by joining a network with other institutions and thereby can contribute to the enhancement of potential of other countries and their citizens”.

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