Data Science to Support a Changing World, webinar at Luiss on Tuesday 25th

Pubblicato:18-05-2021 15:22
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ROMA – How is data used, analysed and shared, with the prospect of development that is sustainable on an international level? This is the question that many are trying to answer in a new web meeting of the Diaspora Program at the Luiss Guido Carli University scheduled for Tuesday 25 May.

This meeting starts at 3.30 PM (CEST) and will be led by lecturers, entrepreneurs, experts and journalists who will be talking to students via Zoom on the English, French and Italian channels.

The webinar is entitled “Data Science to Support a Changing World”. As in previous meetings, in this one too – the fifth and last of the series – there will be moments of reflection and debates on the contribution of the diasporas, the mobility of students, education on global citizenship and the contribution of universities from the perspective of cooperation and development.

Professor Raffaele Marchetti, Deputy Rector for Internationalization at the Luiss will lead the meeting.

Christine Baguela Soro, founder of Digie Women School, which takes an African perspective over equality and equal opportunities in digital and in communication and information technologies, will speak first.

On the other hand, Aristide Aly Boyarm, managing partner of the company AfricaCrm&Si, based in Burkina Faso, will talk about  some excerpts from his paper “L’entreprise numerique africaine”.

He will be followed by Irene Finocchi, Full Professor of Computer Science at Luiss Guido Carli and Director of the BSC in Management and Computer Science, with her report on “Algorithms and the future of the world”.

Vincenzo Giardina, journalist and coordinator of the international news bulletins of the Dire Agency, will tell the story of the communities of foreign origin as proposed by the media and will focus on the statistics of numbers and data of the diasporas, from mere remittances to entrepreneurship and associationism.

Marco Francesco Mazzù, Recruiting Leader and professor of  Marketing & Digital at the Luiss will close the series of five meetings, all organized at the university together with the Association “Le Reseau”, and summarize the outcome of the series and look forward towards a rosy future.

It is possible to join the webinar via this internet link:

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